"I signed up to Soup Club a few weeks before going on holiday. I felt great and looked slimmer meaning that I could really enjoy myself while I was in holiday."

"By eating the Soup Club meals Monday through Friday I am able to keep my weekly calories down. I have weekends off where I eat what I want without going crazy. This way I am able to keep my weight down and now I have a week on and a week off."

"It's the flexibility that my husband and I like about Soup Club. We have the soups delievered to us which we take to work for lunch. The soups are left by our front door early in the morning ready to pick up before going off to work."
"I'm not sure if the shakes and powders are very good for you despite the effects. What I like about Soup Club is the fact that you can see what you are eating and it looks good, tastes good and works."
"In the past my sister and I have have tried the cabbage soup diet and although it was very effective we never seemed to find the time to make it and keep making it. We love the various flavours, seasonal variations, blended and chunky soups."
"I have two soups a day. I do it to lose weight, who does not need to lose weight and my husband, who does not need to lose weight, has them because he likes them."
"I rarely go shopping because I work odd hours but I use the Soup Club service because I can eat healthily with little effort."
"My sister introduced me to Soup Club because after I came back from holiday I had my wedding and the dress was quite snug. I had two soups a day for week one and then one a day for week two and the results were better than I expected!"
"The Soups are fresh and they taste good. They help us manage a sensible food intake."
"The things that I really like about Soup Club is that they don't offer you complex advice and they have a really simple philosophy. We all know that to lose weight you have to exercise and eat the proper foods and watch how much you eat. Soup Club can get you about 80% there by making the stuff and delivering it to you. What they can't do is eat it for you and make sure that you don't have a loaf of bread or a plate of chips with it!"

"For me it means that I maintain a good intake of fresh fruit and veg."

"With Soup Club they don't tell you what you can or cannot eat but they simply deliver fresh and healthy soups that are low in calories and almost zero fat. If you want to eat healthily and lose weight try their soups."

"Because I regularly take the soup to work I can be less fussy about what i eat in the evenings which means I can eat the same meals as the rest of the family."

Free to join

Fresh & Natural Meal Replacements

Free delivery

99.7% Fat Free

50 to 100 calories per bowl

Weight Loss

Freshly made that day

From £30 per five day supply

Part of your 5-a-day

Healthy and tasty

Suitable for vegetarians

No Colouring

No GM foods

No Preservatives

No Artificial Flavours

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