What is the Soup Club?
Soup Club is a soups and blended vegetable drinks company. We specialise in low calorie, great tasting, fresh, wholesome soups that can be used a healthy meal replacements and which contribute to your five portions of fresh fruit or vegetables per day.

How do I benefit from the Soup Club?
We are offering you the benefit of great tasting meal replacement soups, which are delivered directly to your home each day or as a bulk supply. They are packaged in robust pouches for your convenience, so that you can either eat them at home or take them to work, without the inconvenience of having to spend hours making them. They contribute to a healthy lifestyle, provide you with part of your recommended 5-a-day, are very low in calories and are virtually fat free. If you are currently on a diet they will add variety to your diet and further enhance your weight loss. They are competitively priced to help substitute your weekly food intake and not add to your weekly food shopping expense.

Do you deliver to my area?
We offer a national delivery service but have free delivery in the W1/2/6/78/9/10/11/12/14 postcode areas. See our delivery map for more details.

Will I lose weight if I use Soup Club?
Yes. But only if you eat sensibly for your other meals and are following a generally healthy lifestyle.

How will my food be delivered and what if I’m out?
We will be delivering to your home between the hours of 6.00pm and 10.00pm Sunday to Thursday or to your work place during the morning if you are within the free delivery area. If you are out we will make arrangements with you for us to either leave the soups in a secure and safe location at your home or we will leave it with your neighbour. Potential issues like this will be discussed upon registration to cover any eventualities.

Do you offer weight loss plans and is there any support available?
No, we do not offer weight loss plans, but we can offer simple lay guidance and some reports and pages of our website support this.

What are the ingredients in your Soups?
Firstly, the soups we are producing are made fresh on the same day they are dispatched. The vegetables we are using are delivered fresh to us on the day of production. Once the soups are made they are sealed, chilled and labelled ready for dispatch. The ingredients for some of the soups are detailed on page The Flavours page of our website.

How many Calories are in your soups?
The calories per typical 400ml serving are below 100 calories per serving.

How long should I use the soups as part of my diet program?
We recommend that if you are using the soups as part of a diet programme then firstly you should consult your dietician for advice in the first instance. But there is no reason why you shouldn’t use our soups for as long as you feel the need to, thereafter you may just like to eat our soups because they are very healthy, natural and just taste great!

Why do people use Soup Club?
Following our survey as to why people use Soup Club, we found that many people are looking for a healthy, low calorie meal replacement solution. Others just like the convenience of having fresh, wholesome, low calorie and low fat soups delivered that they can take to work without the inconvenience of having to make it themselves. This is mainly due to many people having hectic work schedules and lifestyles.

What if I have to go out for lunch or dinner?
No problem. The soups keep for a maximum of 14 days as long as they are kept in the fridge and can be eaten later.

Can I afford Soup club?
Not everyone can afford Soup Club! But the original ethos behind setting up Soup Club was that we wanted to be able to offer a truly great product for everyone to be able to enjoy, without it becoming a burden. The idea behind our soups is that they become a part of your weekly food intake and not an addition to your weekly food shopping bill.

How quickly can I start and finish?
You can start tomorrow! And finish in a week’s time! But if you only try our products for a week we do not believe that you will truly benefit from what we are offering.

What if I don’t like one of your soups?
If you do not like one of the soups from our menu, then we would keep a note of this on our system and ensure that you are not served this soup again. There will be seasonal variations with our soups and we are confident that there will be plently on our menu to keep you happy!

What If I’m pregnant or nursing a child, can I still eat your soups?
Of course. Just be sure to consume the soups with a variety of other wholesome foods as part of an overall well balanced diet.

What If I have Diabetes?
Of course. If you suffer from diabetes you will know how important fresh produce and other food types are.

What about Salt?
You may know that salt enhances water retention. All our soups have no added salt and the stock that we use is low in salt too. Consequently, our soups are regarded as low to medium in salt content. Some varieties are considered low salt foods.

Is the Food Halal?
The only foods going into our soups are vegetables and vegetable stocks. As such our products are not breaking any of the Halal food Authority rules for halal based food products.

Are there any rules?
The rule are very simple: We need to take orders 48 hours in advance of delivery on a working day or 48 hours on a non-working day. We need 48 hours' notice for any cancellations. During times of high demand we will advise you of the likely delivery date. The meal plans are set up each week and we deliver from Sunday evening through to Thursday evenings (free local delivery) or any day for bulk deliveries. You have a choice of 1,2 or 3 soups per day, our chefs decide which soups are to be delivered on which days during that week. We have over ten varieties that are rotated throughout the week. For bulk deliveries you are able to choose the flavours you wish using our orders page. Once your are registered, payment is usually made in advance of delivery by online transfer but some members prefer to pay cash on delivery.

What if I’m allergic to a particular type of food?
On registering your details and prior to your first delivery, we will discuss what your needs are and if you have any allergies and what these are in relation to food. We do not use any nuts, eggs, cheese, milk, cream, oil or flour in any of our soups.

Free to join

Fresh & Natural Meal Replacements

Free delivery

99.7% Fat Free

50 to 100 calories per serving

Weight Loss

Freshly made that day

From £30 per five day supply

Part of your 5-a-day

Healthy and tasty

Suitable for vegetarians

No Colouring

No GM foods

No Preservatives

No Artificial Flavours


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