"I've lost three pounds already. I will definitely be ordering some more”
- Sue, Twickenham

"Vegetables comprise a very important part in our diet. They are low calorie foods which can and should be included, as part of any weight loss programme. Soup Club's vegetable soups taste fresh and homemade.."
- Marian Bourne, Nutritional Therapist, The Bourne Practice

"The soups you gave me were delicious, such a great combination of flavours and tasted 'wholesome and healthy' which works for me...”
- Joy, Personal Trainer




Soup Club's Natural & Healthy Diet

Whether you are looking to lose weight or maintain your ideal weight we can help. Soup Club has a range of, made to order, natural and healthy vegetable soups that are filling and low in calories.

Questions? Feel free to contact us or...


You can enjoy our soups all year round as part of a healthy, calorie controled diet.

We make life easy for you:

1) We source the fresh ingredients for you
2) We prepare and make the soup for you
3) We package and label them for you
(so you can count your calories)
4) We deliver them to you
5) You heat them and eat them - the only thing we can't do for you!

Our vegetable soups are freshly made and each bowl contains fewer than 100 calories and contributes two units towards your recommended 5-a-day. As there are no additives, each portion is low to medium in its salt content which helps to reduce water retention.

"To lose weight, the energy intake from food must be less than the energy output". - The British Nutrition Foundation

Read what the BBC say...

How soup can help you lose weight - research has revealed a simple aid to taming the appetite is soup, it's dieting's best kept secret...blend your food into a healthy, voluminous soup. The best sort? Vegetable soup, as it produces a more consistent blend and is generally lower calorie. [click here for the full article]

The reality is this...there are no short cuts or magic concoctions.

Essentially, you need to eat more of the right types of food in the right quantities along with a moderate amount of everyday exercise - simple!

As the saying goes..."if you always do what you've always done then you'll always get what you've always got", so something needs to change.



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